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1914 Wescott Avenue Suite 250
Sugar Land - TX - 77479

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Dog-Friendly Restaurant
Another Broken Egg Cafe Catering
Dr. Nasrullah Manji
Locally Owned and Operated by 
Dr. Nasrullah Manji

After graduating from Medical School, Dr. Manji moved to Boston. There he did his training in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Nutrition at Harvard Medical School and the prestigious Brigham & Women’s Hospital and New England Deaconess Hospital.

In 1991, the family moved to Houston where Dr. Manji set up a private practice in Gastroenterology. He opened several medical related businesses and seven years ago bought 19 Jack in the Box stores and later Church’s Chicken. Given his penchant for nutrition and healthy food, he stumbled upon Clay Carson who introduced him to Another Broken Egg Cafe. This was the perfect gastronomic outlet for Dr.Manji who wanted to combine his nutrition background and business acumen in opening a restaurant catering to patrons mainly with fresh healthy choices geared to breakfast and lunch.

The fast casual industry is rapidly evolving with a desire to use fresh, healthy organic ingredients. The usage of new grains, like farro, quinoa, and a slew of vegetables like kale, arugula, jicama root, kohlrabi, broccoli, etc. has changed the consumer’s palates and the new age chefs have taken notice.

The first restaurant will open in January 2019 in Sugar Land followed by another in Katy in the fall of 2019.