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Best Breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe Biscuits and Gravy

Warm up With Our Biscuit & Gravy and New Cocktails!

The groundhog may have predicted an early spring, but it’s still very much wintertime for many. That means plenty of colder weather and the insatiable need for warm, comforting foods — and maybe the occasional drink to add a little color to your cheeks. 

At Another Broken Egg Cafe®, we understand not always wanting to labor in the kitchen over a hot meal. So, our executive chef, Jason Knoll, has crafted the perfect Seasonal Selections and traditional Southern dishes that are sure to give you that warm feeling inside — without all the hard work. 

A classic favorite that always hits the spot this time of year is our popular Biscuit & Gravy. But Chef Jason believes if you want to make Biscuit & Gravy just right, you need to start with an oversized, fluffy buttermilk biscuit that’s almost twice the size of a traditional one. And we make a fresh batch of these fluffy beauties about every 30 minutes all day long to ensure what we bring to your table is hot and fresh.  

Next comes the pièce de résistance: our hot, country sausage gravy. Chef Jason knows you can cook gravy countless different ways, but to really do it justice, he takes the inspiration for our closely guarded recipe from his grandmother. 

“She would start cooking the onion super, super slow. She got up at o-dark-thirty for her gravy,” Jason explains. “She used whole, salted butter and cracked the pepper fresh.” Chef Jason says. “You could smell the flavor just open up when she would crack those pungent peppercorns.” 

“She would also use homemade vegetable stock, flour and just the right amount of half and half to achieve the optimal level of creaminess. After all the ingredients were added, she would adjust the flavor with salt to balance everything out.”

At Another Broken Egg Cafe, we like to think the care Chef Jason’s grandmother put into her gravy back then is reflected in the care we put into ours today. 

But the perfect warm, hearty meal needs a little something to wash it down with. For that, Chef Jason recommends a classic Orange Mimosa or our seasonal Blood Orange Bourbon Sour. He says either drink pairs nicely with the Biscuit & Gravy entree. “The acidic flavors of these cocktails will back off the heaviness of the dish and add some cheer to your savory meal.”

Our new seasonal cocktails, like our Mango Kiwi and the Blood Orange Bourbon Sour, reflect our dedication to serving only the finest ingredients available. Often that means focusing on fresh fruits that are in-season instead of settling for lesser produce this time of year. 

Both blood oranges and kiwis are two fruits that are at their peak right now and can offer the fresh, ripe taste of summer you’ve been longing for. But you can’t just throw some fresh fruit in a blender and create a masterpiece. Our cocktails take a lot of planning (and some delicious trial and error) to capture our distinctive convergence of flavors. 

Take our Mango Kiwi Mimosa for example. We combine the tropical sweetness of the mango with the tart-sourness of the kiwi for the quintessential fusion of sweet and sour flavors that’ll tickle the opposite ends of your taste buds. It’s the ideal refresher to tide you over until the warmer weather returns. 

And considering our Southern roots, we’d be remiss if we didn’t have a bourbon-based cocktail (or two) somewhere on the menu. That’s where the Blood Orange Bourbon Sour comes in. One sip of this Southern charmer will reignite your inner glow on even the greyest of winter days.

But don’t wait for the weather to start warming up. Take matters into your own hands and take a little vacation from the winter doldrums. Stop by your local Another Broken Egg Cafe today for a little Biscuit & Gravy and a splash of color with one of our refreshing seasonal cocktails. Whatever you choose is bound to add a little warmth in your belly and put the spring back in your step. 


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