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Benedicts Another Broken Egg Cafe

The Unique Inspiration Behind our Menu and Secrets of Making it Stand Out

When you take a bite out of one of our dishes, your mouth is filled with the rich, delicious flavors of home-style southern cooking. High-quality food with a southern home-cooked feel has always been the passion and inspiration for Another Broken Egg Cafe®. Since we first opened in November of 1996, we have been bringing inventive, southern-inspired cooking to the restaurant brunch scene. Each dish we prepare is cooked with love… mixed in with big, bold and unapologetically indulgent flavors. We know our guests crave deliciously authentic food, and our head chef, Jason Knoll, puts that desire first when crafting our menu items.

Brunch is an important part of the day, and the flavors that come with it can make or break that dining experience. The taste of our dishes is something we take very seriously, which is why each one is packed with southern flavors that cause a celebration on our guests’ taste buds. There are no surprises when it comes to the cream that makes our grits deliciously creamy, or the butter makes our sauces rich and flavorful; the surprises come in when our daring team gets together and pushes the boundaries of cooking with innovation.

Innovation is important to us in our constant endeavor to create delicious twists on modern dishes in line with today’s food trends. Each item we create breaks boundaries and reinvents southern cooking while retaining the inspiration of those traditional flavors and ingredients. Our Southern cooking style embraces diversity by not being limited to Tennessee, Alabama or Georgia; but spreads to Creole cooking inspiration from Louisiana, Low Country cuisine from the Carolinas and BBQ/Hispanic flavors from our southern neighbors. Chef Jason defines southern-inspired cooking as “sourcing the finest ingredients to craft dishes, using authentic cooking methods, that consistently achieve a flavor profile to take you to a comfortable southern place no matter where you dine with us.”

Our craveable, culinary-driven menu offers fresh and nutritious upscale delights. Every item has been carefully thought out and repeatedly modified to make it the absolute best it can be for our guests. We want you to feel our southern hospitality when you are dining in our cafes with friendly service, a comfortable atmosphere and delectable food. Putting new items onto our menu is not easy; our dedication to high-quality and flavorful items means we take the process of creating new items for our guests very seriously. When asked what goes into creating menu items for the cafe, Chef Jason said “Love…and a team of dedicated professionals that collaborate and focus on what’s relevant now.” 

The process of creating new menu items for our cafe begins with researching current food trends and conceptualizing ways to bring those trends into our cafe and make them something unique. We then move into a testing phase, which calls for trials of the items. Next up comes presenting the dishes to panel and modifying them accordingly. Once they have been modified they are launched in select geographical locations and monitored for success through social media and purchase data. Finally, the dishes are modified again and implemented to the whole system. Every step in this process was created to make our guests’ experience with our food deliciously enjoyable.

Our philosophy that "Nothing Short of Right is Right," leads to every detail being important when it comes to making our customers happy. We believe the value and quality of food served to guests should be nothing short of the truly exceptional, and every step in the process of creating our menu items proves that. Our guests and their satisfaction with the food we put on their table is our number one priority and we hope you get the chance to stop in soon and taste our hard work for yourself! Take a minute to look through our menu and find the perfect southern-inspired dish for you!

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