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Testing Tasty Dishes

Turkey and gravy and pie, oh my! One of the best parts of the months leading up to the fall holiday season is testing out recipes to share with our family and friends for Halloween parties and Thanksgiving feasts. Experimenting with food can be an exciting adventure and holiday parties allow people to try dishes they may have never tasted before.

The Another Broken Egg Cafe® culinary team, just like at-home chefs preparing for their own holiday meals, test out dishes before launching them nationwide. We want to ensure each dish we add to our national menu has been tested and proven to be absolutely delicious by those adventurous guests in selected cafes around the country.

This fall, we tested four very different entrées for our guests to try and to provide us with their input. With ingredients like apples, leeks, onions and cinnamon, these limited time offerings will springboard your taste buds into the new fall season.

Each of these dishes is uniquely exciting, though the TL Banana Bread French Toast is one of our favorites and has an interesting back story! When asked about the dish, Chef Jason, VP of Culinary for Another Broken Egg Cafe, informed us that this idea resulted from his ongoing goal to reduce food waste in the cafes. He explained that about 10% of his time in the kitchen is spent studying what food is wasted the most, and he is passionate about finding ways to avoid this occurrence in the future.

Chef Jason did some digging into items the cafes are frequently throwing out. One of these items was bananas, which were discarded as they ripened and began to brown. This sparked the idea for our TL Banana Bread French Toast, which has a richer, sweeter flavor when made with browning bananas. This delicious dish is topped with Brie cheese, sautéed apples, cinnamon, raisins, pecans and sliced strawberries.

Jason loves banana bread and shared with us a story about his memories of eating it as a child. “When my mom would buy bananas at the store, I actually used to hide a couple of them, so they wouldn’t be eaten. Once they browned, I’d bring them back out and my mom would then use them to make banana bread.” This story was also the inspiration for the name of this dish, TL Banana Bread French Toast. The “TL” stands for “The Last,” a nod to Chef Jason’s childhood and using those last few bananas to create delicious bread rather than wasting them.

Another test item, creatively named Crawfish Éggtoufée, is a unique take on traditional Cajun Étouffée. The dish features Louisiana crawfish étouffée topped with garlic créme, fried leeks, green onions and poached eggs. If your taste buds are craving something sweeter, we recommend our fall-inspired pancake dish, Fried Apple Toffee Pancakes. These house-recipe cakes are topped with cinnamon sugar apples, whipped cream and chocolate toffee pieces.

Lastly, our exciting new Country Fried Steak Benedict has already received a lot of high praise indeed from our guests in our test cafes. The dish contains lightly breaded, peppered country fried steak on an over-sized biscuit topped with two over-medium eggs, redeye gravy, caramelized red onions and green onions. The variety of ingredients in this entrée appeal to people of all ages.

The delicious fall flavors of these dishes make them perfect for the holiday season when the whole family gets together. For those guests who dine at one of the select locations offering these test entrées, we hope you will try them and let us know what you think!

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