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Single-Origin Coffee: A Flavorful Vacation

What is breakfast without a delicious cup of coffee? At Another Broken Egg Cafe®, we understand the importance of rich, unique and flavorful coffee, and how it can make all the difference. That’s why we take great pride in offering our guests a selection of premium coffees. Whether you choose our Barista House Blend or one of our single-origin coffees, the brew will always be a delicious addition to your breakfast or brunch.

The next time you stop into our cafe, we recommend you try our current single-origin coffee from the Ipanemaâ Estate. The rich flavor, with pronounced velvety milk chocolate notes and a hint of raisin, will transport your taste buds to the rolling hills and sharp peaks of the Mantiqueira de Minas Mountains in Southeastern Brazil. If you visited one of our cafes last fall and ordered the single-origin coffee, you would have found yourself in the middle of Kenya, strolling amongst the Flame Trees. 

These flavorful vacations can be enjoyed any day, from the comfort of our cafe. “Much like the most elite wines and spirits, all the beans for these coffees are coming from one specific growing region,” Chef Jason Knoll explains. This meticulous growing method makes the end result, and what we pour into your mug, simply perfection. 

We take pride in offering single-origin coffee at our cafes because of its unique flavors, responsible farming and exceptional heritage. Due to the way the coffee is produced, it comes to us in limited batches. This allows for exciting changes in the flavor, making each cup truly one-of-a-kind.

The flavors present in our single-origin coffee showcase the earth from which it is grown, the elevation at which it is harvested and the rich farming tradition of the region. These factors come together, along with thoughtful technique in roasting, grinding, brewing and even serving, to create the coffee so many of our guests praise.

To date, our coffees have imported flavors from Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia and Mexico; the benefits of which reach far beyond the enjoyable flavor. “These smaller harvesters give back to the environment and community, and the history of the regions give the beans a story,” Chef Jason tells us.

When you serve coffee with such a powerful story, you should do it in a mug that follows suit. Each one of our mugs is handmade, making them almost as unique as a fingerprint. Part of this individuality is the design around the custom medallion, which is different for every cafe and showcases the unique qualities of the area in which it is located. Each cafe has these unique mugs for sale, and many of our guests have an ongoing collection.

Since we never stop striving to provide the best possible options, we took the design of our mugs one step further by shaping them in an unconventional way. The narrow neck and wider bottom of the mug allow for less heat loss and a comfortable grip, meaning you can relax and enjoy a hot cup of coffee for longer.

So, the next time you step into our cafe and look down at your mug with hot steam swirling off the top, bringing the rich scent of a high-quality coffee to your nose, we hope you will close your eyes and let yourself be transported to those far off places. Our goal is to provide the best breakfast, brunch and lunch experience around and our uniquely delicious, high-quality coffees and beautiful handmade mugs are just one more piece to that puzzle.

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