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Chef Jason Knoll Another Broken Egg Cafe

Introducing Chef Jason Knoll: The Mastermind Behind our Menu

When asked what he believes makes Another Broken Egg Cafe® stand out, Chef Jason Knoll chuckled and stated “That’s easy, we are comfortable in our southern roots. We understand the food, but bigger than that, we have seafood and are not apologetic about our flavors.” To Jason, our wide variety of delicious options and bold southern flavors make the cafe one of a kind. There are a lot of well thought-out, unique menu items, so everyone can find something they are comfortable with. 

Chef Jason’s unique creativity is evident in the menu items he has developed for Another Broken Egg Cafe. One of the dish creations he is most proud of is the Brisket Benedict. For Chef Jason, a benedict can be broken down into four components: a bread or starch carrier a delicious protein, two perfectly poached eggs and a sauce. He says that once you break it down, you can get innovative, mixing and matching until you find something spectacular. Spectacular is, without question, the word we would use to describe his ability to come up with all of the delicious items on the menu!

We know you have heard us say the Another Broken Egg Cafe menu is southern-inspired, but it has also been greatly influenced by Jason’s past and family cooking. Many of the entrée options we bring to your table are meant to remind you of childhood and surround you in southern comfort.  Our ultimate goal is to make our guests comfortable and feel welcomed in each of the cafes.

Another Broken Egg Cafe entrées are inspired by the south and influenced by Chef Jason, but Jason himself was inspired by world-renowned chef, Daniel Boulud. Boulud taught Jason that when preparing a great dish, it is not about the number of ingredients you use, it is about the quality of the dish itself. Jason learned to stress the importance of fundamentals and to never take any shortcuts. Chef Jason has carried these lessons with him and implemented them in Another Broken Egg Cafe dishes, helping them rise above the competition.

Seafood isn’t Jason’s only connection to the water; when he isn’t in the kitchen cooking up a new masterpiece, he is out on the water racing sailboats. He is, and has been, an avid sailor and uses racing as his competitive outlet. His next race is scheduled for February 2019.

While Chef Jason has a competitive streak, he remains humble about his status at Another Broken Egg Cafe. When asked about what it means to him to be an executive chef, he replied “I’m still just coming into it to be really honest...I never thought I would get this platform, I struggled really hard for this!”  Jason went on to explain that he loves being able challenge himself with new flavors and innovations and feel the reward of his hard work through the popularity of the dishes. “I still get excited when I see anything I have created go up on Instagram…my family is tired of me sending photos.” 

Chef Jason also enjoys his ability to be a teacher while he is in the kitchen creating menu items. When working with other chefs in the kitchen Jason said, “I feel myself inspiring them, they are over my shoulder asking, ‘what’s in this?’ or ‘can I help with that?’….so I get to be a teacher too, and who doesn’t want to be a teacher?”

Chef Jason now has the opportunity to teach other chefs his methods, but he first spent many years himself learning about the restaurant industry and working his way up to his current role. Jason has been working for Another Broken Egg Cafe since 2010 and has been a key factor in the growth of the cafe from nine locations to nearly 70. Despite being quintessential to the growth and success of the cafe, Jason didn’t realize his passion for cooking until he reached adulthood. To understand more of his journey, we need to go back to the beginning. 

Chef Jason Knoll was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and moved to Pensacola, Florida at a young age. While growing up, Jason was encouraged to use his creativity, tinkering with family recipes to make new dishes. Though he is sure some of the dishes he came up with were not as good as he remembers them, his family’s encouragement never faltered. 

After high school, Jason began studying engineering at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, but quickly realized he was being called to a more hands-on work environment. This is when Jason began working in the restaurant industry, starting out as a busboy and server. That decision marked the beginning of his journey. Jason worked a variety of jobs in the restaurant industry, including a job as a private chef on a yacht in the Caribbean! He spent this time fine-tuning his skills and experience in the industry and eventually accepted the position as the Executive Chef at Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Chef Jason has played a major role in the growth of Another Broken Egg Cafe and has become the mastermind behind the delicious food served to around 17,000 guests dining daily. He works hard every day to make sure each entrée is the best it can be for each guest.  At Another Broken Egg Cafe, we take great pride in serving delicious, southern-inspired dishes, and we love Chef Jason Knoll.

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