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Another Broken Egg Cafe Brunch

Here’s the Dish on our Seasonal Selection Dishes!

At Another Broken Egg Cafe®, we believe food is a celebration, and are consistently creating new dishes that will make you cheer. “Brunch should be a celebration,” Chef Jason Knoll declares, “a celebration for no real reason except great food, drinks and company.” When you glance over our menu, you will find each item is unique, a testament to our passion for outstanding, chef-inspired food. Our Seasonal Selections are no exception; Chef Jason passionately works to develop distinctive, specially-crafted, limited-time items that guests crave.

These Seasonal Selections introduce guests to unexpected dishes that are new and exciting. This excitement requires innovation and keeping a pulse on trends in order to offer one-of-a-kind dishes that are enticing and tasty. In order to do this, Chef Jason Knoll begins crafting these items by looking at trending cuisines and how he can put a unique spin on them.

Not only does our menu ride the waves of changing cuisines, but also new health trends, including the current increase in gluten-free and vegetarian diets. Although Chef Jason has fun creating new menu items, he also works hard to make sure they are what our guests want to eat.

As the name suggests, our Seasonal Selections are also influenced by what food elements are in season. The early planning for this ensures we continuously succeed in bringing the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to the brunch scene. “What is fresh is usually most abundant and always at peak ripeness,” Jason explains. “Ripe ingredients translate to fierce, powerful flavors, which we believe transform dishes and redefine the brunch experience.”

Creating that unique, exceptional brunch experience is our mission, which is why we also offer beverages that change with the seasons. Just like our food items, these cocktails require quite a bit of planning. In most cases, the beverages are created to complement a dish, but sometimes a particularly impressive cocktail idea becomes the inspiration.

Each time we spice up our Seasonal Selections menu with new entrée options we try to keep a balance of two sweet dishes and two savory. But our passion for providing a variety of impressive, top-notch options extends way beyond the flavors we use. Generally, there are four diverse items for each seasonal launch. This diversity ensures we continue to offer options that will appeal to everyone dining with us; whether that be a traditional, healthy or edgy dish preference. 

Almost all of our Seasonal Selections are new for each menu rotation with the exception of a few fan-favorites like our Irish Coffee Pancakes and Toasted Coconut Quinoa Power Bowl. These entrees reappear annually, but the true stars of the show are items like our Chilaquiles that due to their strong sales results and guest feedback eventually graduate to our core menu and are available year-round.

Chef Jason works diligently every day to ensure our menu caters to every differing taste bud with outstanding dishes. Not only does this effort include creating delicious options for our year-round menu, but also developing various dishes that complement each season. We hope you find the effort he puts into keeping these dishes relevant and exciting as impressive as we do! So put on your party hat, stop in and let us pop a bottle of champagne for your next brunch celebration!

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