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Healthy Additions: Kids’ Edition!

Settling for a healthy smoothie or low-calorie yogurt instead of an indulgent breakfast made up of waffles, bacon and eggs can be difficult for many adults. For kids, it’s even harder and encouraging healthy eating can be a daunting task. We make it easy by supplementing all of our kids’ meals with Horizon® Organic Milk and Danimals® Nonfat Yogurt cups. Your kids get the best of both worlds and leave our cafe fueled and happy.

Your kids will love our menu, with a variety of options including pancakes, waffles and our Little Rooster entrée with a scrambled egg, seasonal fresh fruit, English muffin and baked bacon. The Horizon Organic Milk and Danimals Nonfat Yogurt cups we have chosen for our menu blend seamlessly with the sweet and savory flavors of these kid-friendly classics, making it easy for your kids to enjoy a balanced breakfast.

Yogurt and milk are two very important food items in a child’s diet as they provide many of the essential nutrients for healthy growth and development. We recognize that kids don’t always want to make the healthiest decisions when it comes to eating, which is why we carefully selected the milk and yogurt options at our cafe.

Danimals Nonfat Yogurt cups are verified through the Non-GMO Project and are packed full of vitamin D. These yogurt cups also contain live cultures, potassium and calcium to help your kids grow stronger and put them on the path toward a healthy lifestyle. All of these important nutrients are stirred into the strawberry flavor we serve at Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Horizon Organic Milk is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. The milk is an excellent source of Calcium, protein, and vitamin D, B12 & B13. Horizon also cares about the way its milk is produced, starting from pasture-raised cows and the grass they feed on. Horizon does not use toxic pesticides on the pastures or feed their cows any genetically modified grains. The cows are also hormone and antibiotic-free!

Not only do we offer these delicious additions for your kids to enjoy, but our kids’ menu offerings come with scrumptiously beneficial sides such as scrambled eggs and seasonal fresh fruit. We know that kids may not understand or care about healthy food choices, which is why at our cafes, we ensure that healthy foods are a part of their delicious meal.

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