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Give your Dad the Gift of Breakfast

When walking by Another Broken Egg Cafe®, it’s hard to miss the aroma of our naturally smoked, thick-sliced bacon wafting through the summer air. Our bacon is the definition of lavish; with slices twice as thick as most and a slow cooking method that ensures a crispy result, it may just be the perfect gift this Father’s Day. At Another Broken Egg Cafe, cutting corners when cooking is unthinkable.

Chef Jason Knoll ensures every ingredient in the dishes we create is high-quality and cooked to perfection. Our baked bacon is just one example of this, baked in small batches throughout the day to ensure a fresh, crisp result. If bacon doesn’t suit your fancy this Father’s Day, we recommend one of our other guest favorites: Shrimp ‘N Grits!

Our low country reduction Shrimp ‘N Grits combines grits, shrimp and andouille together in a masterful way only Chef Jason is able to achieve. “Charleston fueled my obsession for Shrimp ‘N Grits,” Jason reveals, “I hope our version of this classic southern favorite pays the proper tribute to this amazing coastal city.”

Our low country rendition of this classic dish is inspired by the coastal area of South Carolina and the best of the American mashups of European and African flavors that flourish there. The bold flavor of this dish is made possible by the reduction French cooking technique which combines robust ingredients by simmering them together and allowing the water to evaporate to enhance the flavors.

Chef Jason Knoll says his favorite aspect of this dish is the spice! “We take the collection of influences to a new level with Louisiana shrimp and TABASCO® hot sauce,” Jason says. Our shrimp is cooked with our unique blend of spices to create a deliciously balanced flavor when combined with our creamy, cheesy grits.

Just like our bacon, we don’t cut corners when it comes to our shrimp. We strive to serve a high-quality product while doing our best to minimize the impact our cafes have on the environment. We source our shrimp from Louisiana Seafood, a company with strict regulations surrounding the catching and packaging of their seafood to ensure the highest quality while also practicing sustainable fishing methods.

“Our great relationship with Louisiana Seafood guarantees the availability of a consistent, sustainable, domestic wild caught product for years to come,” Chef Jason tells us. This means our Shrimp ‘N Grits, and other shrimp and crawfish entrees, will remain a constant on our menu for a long, long time.

At Another Broken Egg Cafe, we don’t just want to serve dishes that are good. We want them to be the best, which is why Chef Jason puts so much thought and creativity into each and every dish. His ability to source inspiration from so many different geographies and cultures is what makes our dishes unique, and our high standards for every ingredient is what makes them taste the best.

We know you want the best for your dad this Father’s Day, and we hope the rich aromas of our smoked bacon and spicy low country reduction will draw you in to dine with us.

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