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The Future Of Flavor

A quintessential aspect of success in the restaurant industry is innovation and how flavor trends are incorporated into the evolution---or even the revolution---of menus. Restaurants around the world go above and beyond to stay abreast of changing trends and create menus that will interest their diners and encourage them to visit more frequently.  A well-known conference, known as The Flavor Experience, brings together food manufacturers, researchers, chefs and other key people from the restaurant industry to learn about new and emerging food and beverage trends and how they can be used to create new and innovative offerings on restaurant menus.

Chef Jason Knoll had the opportunity to attend this conference in August and took a moment to share with us some details from his experience there. One of the emerging trends Chef Jason was thrilled to see addressed at the conference is the concept of “old meets new”. This concept, which is a strategy to bridge the generations via food, has been prominent on the menu at Another Broken Egg Cafe® for some time now. Chef Jason has been implementing this trend by starting with his more traditional dishes and putting a modern spin on them.

An exciting example of this “old meets new” trend is our limited-time Country Fried Steak Benedict, which was set to launch in the test cafes just days after the conference ended. The Benedict, while anything but old-school, uses traditional ingredients like country fried steak and redeye gravy to create a flavor combination every generation can enjoy.

When Chef Jason got home from the conference and asked cafe guests about his Country Fried Steak Benedict Seasonal Selections offering, he got responses like “you nailed it”, and he overheard a younger diner say to her tablemates, “Why was dad keeping country fried steak a secret? It’s amazing!” These conversations further validated that food has a unique ability to bring people together, and creating dishes people of all ages can enjoy, makes that connection even more powerful.

Chef Jason also appreciated that the conference emphasized the increasing importance of using in-season ingredients in menu development. The flavor difference between in-season and out-of-season ingredients is immense. The culinary team at Another Broken Egg Cafe has always known that serving in-season foods brings its entrées to the next level, which is why they offer a rotating variety of Seasonal Selections entrées throughout the year  

While many breakfast and brunch restaurants offer a traditional fruit bowl with melon, strawberries and grapes all year round, we introduce the freshest fruit available throughout the year, and aligned with each season’s fruit harvest, to ensure a flavorful side. Our Seasonal Selections offerings also reflect this dedication to freshness by highlighting ingredients that are in season, like our Pumpkin Waffle in the fall.

At Another Broken Egg Cafe, we always try to stay one step ahead and are thrilled that so many other people see the importance of following trends and serving high-quality dishes that will bring guests of all ages together.

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