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A Flavorful Start To Fall

If you were to close your eyes and imagine the perfect fall morning, what comes to mind?

Birds sing their goodbyes as the days become shorter and brisk breezes nip at your nose and fingertips. The sun rises over trees with leaves changing from crisp green to bright yellow, burnt orange and vibrant red. Everyone in town sits with hands clutching warm mugs of rich coffee or aromatic teas and plans for the rapidly approaching holiday season. As the days become shorter, orchards fill with people in search of apples admirable enough for their grandmother’s pie recipe or pumpkins perfect for pancakes their friends will swoon over.

Fall is known for its vibrant colors and delectable in-season fruits and vegetables, making it a favorite season for many people. We love all the classic fall activities, including the foods prepared and enjoyed as the days get colder. In the spirit of the season, and our dedication to fresh, in-season foods, we’ve brought an assortment of limited-time offerings to our menu for our guests to enjoy.

Not only do in-season ingredients taste better, but they also fully immerse our guests in the flavors of fall. Our Strawberry Pound Cake French Toast is the perfect example! With an abundant harvest this fall, our strawberries are as flavorful as they come and pack a punch in this supremely sweet temptation entrée. This dish features rich pound cake and is topped with plump berries, whipped cream and crème brûlée sugar. Read to the end of this blog for an at-home version of our recipe!

In stark contrast to this sweet temptation is our savory Seared Scallop Omelette. This omelette is full of andouille, pepper and celery and topped with domestically-sourced seared sea scallops, crispy leeks and a low country drizzle. This sizzlingly satisfying dish warms your insides, getting you ready to snuggle up in your warm wool socks by a cozy fireplace.

To further capitalize on the flavors of fall, we’re also featuring two returning guest favorites, the Carrot “Pan” Cake Stack and Brisket Benedict. Both sweet and savory dishes align perfectly with the changing season. The pancakes feature carrot, raisins and walnuts and are layered with cream cheese frosting. The Benedict is served on a thick Jalapeño cheddar waffle and topped with delicious brisket drizzled in sweet Korean barbeque sauce.

One of the most well-known flavors of fall is pumpkin. Before heading out to the pumpkin patch to pick out your canvas for this year’s carving masterpiece, we recommend you stop in and try our Pumpkin Waffle or our Spiked Pumpkin Cold Brew made with spiced rum and topped with a RumChata® cream topping.

This season we are also offering a brand new single-origin coffee, Rwanda Muhondo, from the Muhondo Sector, Gakenke District in the Northern Province of Rwanda. This roast is bright with sweet notes of caramelized cane sugar with spiced notes of cinnamon and clove and rose-like floral aromas. The buttery creaminess of the brew’s body carries into the aftertaste. This small-batch roast was created for our cafes and is available for a very limited time.

As promised, we wanted to include an at-home-friendly version of our Strawberry Pound Cake French Toast. We have included it below!


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