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An Excuse To Indulge

At Another Broken Egg Cafe®, we love the warm temperatures of spring and summer months. Our outdoor patios and adventurous menu offerings are the perfect beginning to a fun-filled summer day or mid-day sightseeing break. With cafes serving delicious, vacation-worthy brunch options in many of the most popular getaway locations across the United States, it is no wonder we end up being on many must-visit lists.

With hundreds of thousands of brunch enthusiasts walking through our doors during popular vacation months, it is essential for us to serve varying dishes. Chef Jason puts it this way: “when going out to eat, you aren’t looking to just eat; you come to indulge and be taken care of. That is why we keep things fresh and seasonal while also respecting the classics!”

Not only do we mix things up for differing food preferences between people, we also make sure to follow the trends we see between different months of the year! Our guests know we put a lot of work into keeping our menu exciting and unique, which in the summer makes all the difference. “When people are on vacation, they want to indulge….and we have the menu to satisfy those cravings,” Chef Jason notes.

Some of our most popular menu options year-round include our Eggs Benedict, Sunrise Spinach Scrambler and The Supreme Omelette. During the summer months, adventurous vacationers push more unique items onto this list, like our Lobster & Brie Omelette, Blueberry Bread French Toast and Shrimp ‘N Grits.

Not only do we bring those vacation-worthy, melt-in-your-mouth dish options, but we also serve hand-crafted cocktails that pair perfectly! When you think of cocktails and brunch, a classic Orange Mimosa probably comes to mind. While we do have this traditional option for our guests, we also provide Bloody Mary options with a twist and out-of-the box mimosas like our Strawberry St. Germain® and Lemon Blueberry.

When asked why great food is essential to the perfect vacation, Chef Jason stated “vacations are mostly associated with family time or romantic getaways. Regardless of which it is, they are also about social time and creating memories; our atmosphere and friendly service are sure to generate those wonderful vacation memories.” We like to believe that years after your vacation you will still be saying “you remember the emerald green waters in Destin, honey? And that brunch place we found and ate at almost every morning?”

One way that we check in with our guests and make sure our cafes are providing the best food and service around is through online reviews. We make sure to read each review, sharing the feedback we receive with each cafe’s team, so that we can learn how to improve. We recommend you go check out our reviews if you are considering stopping in!

We want to be put on the list of the best part of our guests’ vacations, which is why we are consistently changing up our menu and improving our cafes. If you are planning a getaway soon and are looking for places to dine, we hope you will consider checking out our cafe! We are a favorite of first-time vacationers and locals alike and would love for you to give us a try.

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