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Eggs Benedict: A Complex Cuisine

“The beauty of Eggs Benedict is that the inspiration can come from anywhere --- you can deconstruct almost any dish and transform it into a Benedict.” -Chef Jason Knoll

Easier said than done, right? For some of us, the idea of tackling the Eggs Benedict dish seems overwhelming, which is why we are thankful so many delicious takes on the dish are served at Another Broken Egg Cafe. Chef Jason has mastered this dish and is now able to spice it up with different flavor combinations and cooking techniques.

Take his Brisket Benedict for example, which “Flavor & The Menu” awarded its “best of Flavor 2019” award in April. Not only does Chef Jason use slow cooked brisket rather than the traditional ham, but also changes up the base from an English muffin to a jalapeño and cheese cornbread waffle. This kind of innovation is what keeps our menu exciting and our guests saying WOW!

Cooking can be an exhilarating experience. Whether you are a master chef or just starting out, you should be encouraged to get creative with ingredients and methods. Sometimes, trying new combinations can be a flop, so thankfully Chef Jason has come up with a system for testing new benedict recipes that makes the process easier.

Chef Jason typically starts out by deciding on either the meat or the starch carrier. “In the case of the brisket, I started with the meat which lead me to jalapeños, cornbread and cheese as a waffle.” In the case of his Shrimp Creole Benedict, he began with the idea for an andouille grit cake and he then decided to add the Louisiana-inspired spicy shrimp.

Chef Jason believes the most successful Benedict flavor combinations are spicy and savory with a hint of sweet. “I associate Benedicts with decadent layers of flavorful indulgence,” Chef Jason tells us. At Another Broken Egg Cafe, we strive to always create indulgent experiences for our guests. That is why Jason has come up with the perfect system for the cooking process of a Benedict to make sure each Benedict served is hot and fresh.

To do this, Jason and his team must work together and multitask. The first step is to make the sauce ahead of time and warm it on a double boiler. They then preheat the plates and cook the meat in the oven before starting the eggs. Just before poaching the eggs, the bread is toasted, and garnishes chopped. The eggs are then carefully cooked, and everything is taken out and passed from station to station where toppings are added in order.

This meticulous method ensures each component of the dish is fresh and perfectly cooked; standards we strive for in all of our dishes. We believe nothing short of right is right, which is why Chef Jason creates these steps for cooking. Each dish also goes through a long process before making it onto our menu.  First the Benedict is featured as a Seasonal Selection.

Each of our Seasonal Selections are offered for a limited time, with only the best of the best making it onto our year-round menu. These entrees mix together high-quality ingredients to create innovative recipes for cuisine that is not only delectable, but memorable. In creating these, Chef Jason considers the season and what ingredients are best each time of year. He also strives to create dishes that work well with the seasons, for example more hearty dishes for winter and lighter dishes full of fresh fruits during the summer!

With many people day-dreaming about warm, southern vacations and the rich flavors they get to enjoy, Chef Jason created the Southern Benedict, with grilled country ham and fried green tomatoes on an over-sized biscuit, topped with poached eggs, sausage and tomato-infused hollandaise, cracked pepper and green onions.

This Benedict will truly comfort you in a way only hearty, Southern cooking can. Like all of our  entrees, it went through a long planning and testing phase before being added to our limited time menu. We hope you will stop in soon to try it and look out for more of our delectable Seasonal Selections in the future!

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