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Cultural Influence in the Kitchen

The dining experience is influenced and molded by many things, some of the most important being the flavor and presentation of the food. While many factors affect food flavor and presentation, we have always been interested in cultural influence. A dish’s cultural background affects ingredients, cooking methods, presentation and more and gives that dish a rich history and identity.

At Another Broken Egg Cafe®, we love being able to introduce guests to new and exciting dishes. Our twists on classic dishes are one-of-a-kind and are making their own history across the country. While much of the credit for our delicious dishes goes to the creativity of Chef Jason Knoll, it’s important to remember the roots and background of the food we eat.

Chef Jason Knoll is always looking for inspiration to keep our menu exciting, but sometimes, that inspiration finds him! In the case of our Chilaquiles, a traditionally Hispanic dish, that is exactly what happened. From experimenting in the cafe kitchen to perfecting the recipe, Chef Jason fills us in on how this dish became a staple on our menu.

Chef Jason recalls that one day he “walked into one of the cafes and found the kitchen staff sharing a dish clearly not on the menu.” When offered a plate, he knew the dish immediately from the rich red sauce topped with fried egg yolks. Jason explained that “when you work in a kitchen you get tired of cooking the same dishes and find unique ways to use the ingredients available to make familiar comfort food.”

The kitchen staff at this cafe had prepared a delicious Hispanic dish and, while very tasty, Chef Jason knew it was missing a key element unavailable to the staff: Guajillo peppers. “With great joy, the staff and I worked on the perfect slow cooked guajillo sauce,” Chef Jason says. The results are the undeniably authentic Hispanic dish our guests see on the menu today, born from the creative staff working in our kitchen.

These Chilaquiles have become a popular menu option since their unique start at Another Broken Egg Cafe. With brunch goers showing more interest in Hispanic and Latino ingredients and dishes, Chef Jason is planning new ideas for 2020 with cultural influence in mind.

This story about the Chilaquiles at Another Broken Egg Cafe shows that creativity, and a willingness to invest time in our recipes, can make all the difference. Many of the sauces and batters at Another Broken Egg Cafe are made in house to ensure freshness and flavor authenticity.

These house-recipes and items make each dish exclusive to Another Broken Egg Cafe and are cooked with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Some of these house-made additions and key ingredients are chipotle honey, honey-roasted granola, country sausage gravy, bacon jam and house-recipe pancake mix.

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