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Celebrating Coffee Every Day with Premium Brews

For some people, coffee is coffee and the subtleties of production are unimportant. This is not the case at Another Broken Egg Cafe®, where we source some of the best coffee beans in the world and pay attention to every detail of the production and serving of those beans. In celebration of National Coffee Day, we want to talk about our passion for coffee and invite you in to stop in on September 27th and receive a free cold brew* with any entrée purchase.

Our Barista House Blend Coffee is sourced globally by H.C. Valentine Coffee Company, resulting in a proprietary roast of Ethiopian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans. Each step, from the planting of the bean to the mugs on our guests’ tables, is meticulously executed to ensure the highest possible quality.

It all begins on the farm, where the beans are planted and cared for by local farmers. H.C. Valentine takes their relationship with the farmers seriously, and partners with organizations that help bolster these communities and ensure the continued success of these farms. This sustainable method of harvesting not only results in high-quality beans but also supports those farmers working hard to make these brews possible.

After the cherries are harvested on these farms, they are processed and prepared for transportation to H.C. Valentine for roasting. To create the unique blend of beans for the Barista House Blend Coffee at Another Broken Egg Cafe, the trade professionals at H.C. Valentine go through a cupping test to get the perfect combination for each batch.

During this cupping process, the beans are tasted and matched in blends to ensure the resulting flavor matches our one-of-a-kind Barista House Blend brew. The roasting process happens in small batches. While roasting, the beans are closely watched, and adjustments are made to ensure they come out perfectly.

These beans are then shipped whole to our cafes. Unlike pre-ground coffees you may buy in the store, our beans are not ground until right before they are brewed to maintain as much flavor as possible. After being ground, the beans are brewed and resulting coffee served to our guests’ tables.

Our cafes serve both our unique Barista House Blend Coffee and a Rotating Single-Source Coffee. This season, our limited time coffee is Rwanda Muhondo. This micro-lot coffee is from Muhondo Sector, Gakenke District in Northern Province and has tremendously impacted the local Muhondo farmer’s communities, contributing to their income through social projects that benefit the local farmers.

The Rwanda Muhondo brew has a buttery, creamy body that carries to the aftertaste. The flavor of these beans is perfect for fall, with sweet notes of caramelized cane sugar along with spice notes of cinnamon and clove that are complemented by a rose-like floral aroma. These beans are also roasted in small batches for Another Broken Egg Cafe.

To celebrate National Coffee Day, we invite you to stop in on September 27th and enjoy a free cold brew with the purchase of one of our mouth-watering entrées. Make it a cocktail and spike it with Baileys, Kahlua or Jameson for just $2, where permitted by law.

* Free cold brew with any entrée purchase on Friday, September 27th, at participating cafes while product last. Limit one per person.

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