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March 7, 2016

Another Broken Egg Cafe - Fairhope style by Leslie Anne Tarabella

The building took way too long to complete, so everyone complained. The restaurant moving in was a chain, so everyone complained.

But then, the building looked gorgeous. And the food tasted incredible. Were we hypocrites? If so, we were well fed and happy hypocrites.

Another Broken Egg Cafe opened for a special charity event three days last weekend, both for the purpose of training their staff and donating thousands of dollars to our local Ecumenical Ministries, Baldwin County Humane Society and the Easter Shore Art Center

I attended brunch on Saturday when the proceeds totaled somewhere around $5,750 for the Art Center, and we were beyond thrilled.  For a small-town non-profit, that is a huge amount that will fund many, many programs for our community.

President and CEO, Ron Green, came by the table to welcome us and said although he currently operates 55 locations throughout the Southeast/Gulf Coast area (and plans to open around 50 more within the next three years), he and his design team strive to make each location unique to that city, both in the architecture, decor and menu.

I knew several of the staff members and were pleased we have yet another good employer in town.
And the food . . . oh, my gracious! The menu was totally innovative with both savory and sweet dishes as well as light and healthy options.

Ron sent over a sample of gouda grits, and I think they ended up being my favorite thing. The paper doily only added to my joy.

The biscuit beignets with warm orange marmalade honey sauce made my eyes roll back in my head. Everyone at my table had delicious omelets (I had the Lobster Brie which was sinfully delicious!), but the menu also had an entire assortment of lunch sandwiches and salads as well.

After speaking with Ron, who lives in Destin, but spends a lot of time in Fairhope and has his nephew managing this location, I feel confident that if chain stores or restaurants are going to locate in Fairhope, this is exactly the kind we want. One who understands and cares about our community, one who respects our uniqueness and one that has slap-your-mama good food!

They even worked around one of our city’s favorite trees where countless mothers have yelled, “Get off that tree!”  children have frolicked. What a great example for ALL CHAIN businesses to follow when they want to come to town.

Have you ever eaten at Another Broken Egg Cafe’? What do you think about chain businesses moving to small towns?

Another Broken Egg Cafe’ Fairhope, is located at the corner of Fairhope Avenue and Church Street and will be open for business starting this week, every day from 7am-2pm. Click HERE to visit their site. Click HERE to read my friend Lynn’s interview with Ron Green on her blog, Our Southern Souls.

View Leslie's original blog post HERE.


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